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At Roy Folland & Son, we will always make the cost of a funeral clear, providing a written letter of confirmation along with an estimate giving a complete breakdown of all fees that have been charged.

Please note, it is company policy that we do not collect donations – but we will be pleased to furnish you with address for the relative charity where any payment in lieu of flowers may be sent.

Funeral costs come in two parts:

  1. The cost of our services, such as the coffin, vehicles, printing of hymn sheets and professional fees (consisting of all necessary arrangements for the funeral, liaising with appropriate authorities such as hospitals, clergy, etc, obtaining and completion of required documents etc) and removal from place of passing.
  2. Disbursements, consisting of fees paid on behalf of the family to Churches, Crematorium, Cemeteries, Ministers, Doctors etc.

In the sad circumstances of a child’s funeral under the age of 16, we at Roy Folland & Son will provide our services, a standard coffin and the hearse free of charge.

Please note, it is a company policy that in the case of any family making a claim for help from the Social Fund with funeral fees, all disbursements must be paid in advance of the funeral.

Our Prices

Service Cost
Professional Fees £1,080
Hearse for funeral £250
Limousine £250
Removal from Hospital by Private Ambulance £130
Removal by Private Ambulance in working hours £130
Removal by Private Ambulance outside working hours £180
Funeral Hymn Sheets (Per 100) £95
Funeral Hymn Booklets (Per 100) £125
Funeral Hymn Booklets (Per 10 over 100) £12.50
Tombstone Hearse & Trike From £500

Minister & Church of Wales Fees

Service Cost
Ministers fees From £106
Fee for use of Church From £106
Fee for Organist From £65
Fee for Verger From £40
Fee for Burial in a Churchyard (Full Grave) From £473
Fee for Burial in a Churchyard (Cremated Remains) From £158

The following fees are disbursements which are paid by ourselves on behalf of the family.

Cremation Fees

These fees include Cremation, the arranging of an Organist and use of the Wesley Music System

Cremation Fees

Service Cost
Cremation (No Service) £487.50
Single service 9.00 am – 3.15 pm £595
Funeral at 4.00 pm £648.50
Extra slot up to 3.15 pm £108
Extra slot at 4.00 pm £162.50
Saturday from 10.45am – 12.15 pm £811
Extra slot on Saturday £324
Viewing of Funeral Service via Internet £44
Recording of Funeral Service (Audio) £37
Recording of Funeral Service (Visual) £44
Extra Copies (Audio | DVD) £18.50 | £22
Interment of Cremated Remains at Parc Gwyn (Not Witnessed) No Fee
Interment of Cremated Remains at Parc Gwyn (Witnessed) £24
Interment of cremated remains from other Crematoriums £62
Certificate of cremation No Fee
Doctors Fees for signing Cremation Forms (£82.00 per Dr.) £164

Cremated Remains Containers

Service Cost
Cardboard Container £25
Scatter Tubes £45
Small Containers (Metal & Ceramic) From £75
Wicker Container £70
Oak Casket with nameplate £105

Pembrokeshire County Council Fees

Burial Fees in Pembrokeshire County Council Cemeteries

Service Cost
Purchasing Grave for Burial (Next in line) £949
Purchasing Grave for Burial (In Advance) £1,002
Purchasing for C/ Remains (Next in line) £474.50
Purchasing for C/ Remains (In Advance) £501
Opening Grave (First single, double, treble) £802
Opening Grave for further interments £778
Vaulted Graves per interment £1055
Burial of Cremated remains (Urn or Casket) £169

Extra Fees for services provided by Pembrokeshire County Council

Service Cost
Interment fee for Saturday (Coffin) £263.50
Interment fee for Saturday (Urn) £132
Transfer of Exclusive Right of Burial £27

Burial Fees for Private Graves in Churchyards, Chapel Cemeteries and Town Council Cemeteries

Service Cost
Opening Private Grave single depth £450
Opening Private Grave double depth £500
Opening Private Grave treble depth £550
Reopen grave to single depth £450
Reopen grave to double depth £500
Extra fee for Rock £350
Interment on Saturday (Private) £245

Please note, if you require a burial outside the area where the deceased lived, you may be liable to an extra charge which could be as much as double the normal fee.