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Roy Folland & Son

Harley Davidson Hearse

Roy Folland & Son has launched Britain’s first Harley Davidson powered Hearse, giving motorcycle fans the opportunity to receive a fitting send off in the iconic vehicle.

The five wheeled vehicle was engineered in Arizona by Jack Feather of the Tombstone Hearse and Trike company, specialists in creative motorcycle design.

Roy Folland & Son have been planning the launch of the Hearse for a couple of years, having started planning in 2015 and are excited to finally see it in Pembrokeshire. Robin Folland spoke to the Milford Mercury…

“It was expensive to hire, and we felt it didn’t quite offer what we wanted,” he said.

“So we had a look online and found a man in America who makes these, and they’re like nothing you’ve seen before. I said if we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it properly,” added father Roy, who started the funeral firm in 1965.

After almost a year in production, the bike rolled into the UK in September, but faced a series of obstacles. Despite being road-legal in America, the bike was not able to be driven on UK roads.

“There’s nothing quite like it in the UK, so there was no-one who could MOT it for us – there’s nothing to compare it to,” said Robin.

“It’s been nine months to get it through.”

The firm also had to buy a 23-foot custom-made trailer to transport the vehicle, and the bike spent several weeks at Harley-Davidson being checked over. But after a journey of more than 5,000 miles, the hearse arrived in Haverfordwest on Thursday, and the firm has already been inundated with calls.

“We’ve had so much interest already, enquiries from across the country,” said Robin.

“Everyone who has seen it has loved it, and not just bikers. We’ve had people stop us and say ‘I want that when I go.”

Added Roy: “When you’re able to help people who are going though something so terrible, and give them the send-off they want – it confirms to me that this is still the best job in the world.”

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Tombstone Trikes and coaches are hand built in a Tombstone, Arizona at a SAE Certified Vehicle Manufacturing facility. The motorcycles are customized in the Tombstone shop with enhancements that make them beautiful, durable and safe. The team takes pride in their work and they strive daily in the pursuit of excellence. Building the best is always the standard and exceeding expectations is the goal at Tombstone since 2002.